Here are some reviews from our 2020 parent’s survey.  They were all submitted anonymously through Survey Monkey.   Thank you to everyone who responded.

"We chose Kia Mena because of the open and airy space that felt like a place a child could thrive. We have not been disappointed. The staff are very stable and our son has had the same contact points all year which has been so helpful for him feeling secure and building lovely relationships. The team are unfazed by all things and are kind and patient with an eye for the individual things that make children special and families content. Topics are always well thought out and some of the activites are things that I would never have imagined doing with a pre-school child. Our Fridge door will never be the same! The team, led by Jane who is a favourite, go out of their way to find interesting and fun stuff and we are in love with Taiwo who has appeared variously in different costumes through the year bursting with energy in a way that thrills the kids and makes them excited to run through the door. Truly a happy, balanced and caring place to see our son grow and learn."

"Kia Mena is a lovely preschool. The staff are warm, kind and attentive, and thoroughly engaged with the children. Jane is a fantastic manager and always has time to talk to parents about any concerns. The children do a wide range of enjoyable activities and are encouraged to follow their own interests. There is a general culture of respect and consideration, which means that the standard of behaviour is very good. My daughter has been very happy there for two years; she has made wonderful friends and we will miss everyone very much." 

"What shines through each day that our daughter goes to Kia Mena is her smile; wider than Tower Bridge and lit up brighter than the London Eye. Well done!"

"I’ve had both my sons at Kia Mena, the staff are really lovely. They are attentive to the children’s needs and by the time my eldest son went to reception he was well equipped and had a good understanding of numbers, sounds and letters. I would highly recommend Kia Mena." 

"Kia Mena is a lovely preschool. Very nice staff, lots of interesting activities for the children. Kia Mena uses an online platform called “my Montessori child” to keep parents up to date with their child’s progresses and school events. The location in the sports centre is ideal, very close to the park, far from traffic, the kids breath fresh air and can run around freely at drop off and pick up time. Our child loves going to Kia Mena and we highly recommend it."

"Best preschool in the area. My 2 children have been really happy there. They learnt and made lots of friends there. The staff are always very happy and welcoming. I love seeing my son enjoying his day and telling me all the activities he has being doing."

"My daughter has been attending kia-mena since she was 2 until leaving for school. She had learnt to read, write and do basic addition. She is happy and enjoys her days there. The staff are confident, friendly, caring and keep you well informed of your child's progress and of any information regarding the pre-school. My younger daughter will be attending when she is old enough as I truly find this preschool outstanding." 

"I have been so impressed with Kia Mena over the years. They set a great environment and positive habits for each child to become confident with their learning".

"Such a fantastic place for children to enjoy, develop and grow. Cannot fault the care and attention given to my twin boys. The team are fantastic and provide great communication and support for parents."

"The staff are welcoming and supportive. My son has grown in confidence since attending the school." 

"My daughter absolutely loves Kia Mena. Teachers are excellent and she learned a lot. I highly recommend!!"


Here are a few further testimonials from happy parents: